July mornings and evenings

It’s summer! We have great songs with superb singers coming! It will still take some time.

”Ridin’ the Alimony Pony” (HiSQ feat. Maria Hänninen) is a long time hit and currently #18 at Museboat’s TOP 25 Chart and there’s a few days time to vote before the next countdown which will be aired next Wednesday. You are able to vote as many times you want. http://museboat.com/top-25-votes.html

We are executive producers of the show ”Tuned by Summer” at Museboat.com every Monday at least till the end of July. All our five songs will be heard! We’re soon also sponsoring DJ JenCat’s show ”Jammin’ with JenCat” in Belter Radio https://www.belter-radio.com/

Have a great vacation if you’re able to have one!