Executive producers

Hello friends! Right at the moment we are choosing new songs and singers so the five first will have to do for the time being.

We are happy to announce that we are the executive producers of the show Songs on Demand at Museboat.com from this Monday till the beginning of May. The show is introduced every Monday by Monique Sherrell Brown. All our five songs will be heard during the weeks!

Ridin’ the Alimony Pony (HiSQ feat. Maria Hänninen) is currently #7 at Museboat’s TOP 25 Chart and there’s only today to vote before the next countdown which will be aired next Wednesday. You are able to vote as many times you want. http://museboat.com/music-shows-song-requests.html

In this picture you see Bablo and the head of our record label, Ässä the Dog (The Ace). The snow is just melting away here in Finland!