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Flesh and Blood

”My life has been just one big masquerade…” Marko Hietala sings Flesh and Blood with heartfelt emotion because it’s like from his own life! It makes this song very special and probably you can relate to it, whether it’s from your own life or from someone you know. 

Now you can listen to this piano ballad as many times as you want! We have done our best and we hope that’s enough. This is really a new start for us. We want to get better and better! We hope that you are with us on this journey. We do these songs because we love music and making music. These songs are precious to us and we hope they become important to you!

How did HiSQ start?

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Helsinki & Klaukkala, Finland



Conceived Dec 2020, Born Sep 2021

The year 2020 was reaching its end as Erkki had this thought: ”I’m not getting any younger! I must really do this now or never!” The idea had been in his head for a long time and a few songs were ready or at least half ready. So he contacted Peter…