Rocking ladies on their own

A lot has happened in the meantime, but not enough! We’re still trying to be heard by masses. So many people still don’t even know that their new favourite band exists! Kalevi Pollari played ”Ridin’ the alimony pony” in his program Rock Detective.

Our gracious ladies will have gigs with their own bands. Tea Salo’s band Tea’s Half Acoustic is celebrating its first 10 years. It takes place in a culturally interesting place on the 27th of November. The stage is in Pato Areena, Kouvola, Finland. They’ll play their latest album ”Moving” and they have also rehearsed their own version of ”Stick it in their ass”, so our team will be there cheering. We will also hear covers, ’cause they started as an acoustic cover band (now they’re almost a big band!). All the material in the album ”Moving” was written by Tea and her husband Petri.

Maria Hänninen’s Mount Mary has been active for a while. They will have a gig with a great Swedish band Electric Boys on the 7th of January 2022 in On The Rocks, Helsinki.