Last but not least, our fifth video!

The last video from our first EP, Hi Status Quotes 1-5, is out now! It’s called ”Say hello to my little friend”. The quote is from Scarface, the great movie with Al Pacino! The video differs from our other videos in quite many ways. First of all it represents a new dog! Ässä, The Ace, has started the first four videos, but this one features Rosso in the beginning. Our singer, Noora Kuusikko, introduces those little friends that she sings about. They have been drawn by the one and only Markku Mäkelä! The song itself has great potential to be a dance hit and we put a lot of reggaeton to the music. It’s also the only song, where the whole HiSQ band is not playing, but Peter’s guitars are just compelling. We hope you enjoy both the song and the video!