Out of the blue

Here’s something you probably haven’t been waiting for. Has anybody said before, that the biggest surprises can often be the best ones? Well we certainly hope that’s the case with HiSQ!

The story of HiSQ starts at the end of 2020. Erkki Vuokila started to contact people he’d like to work with and this time it was all about good music. All the other people had to be lovable personalities and they would have to be at least nearly as big music lovers as Erkki.

Not more than nine months later HiSQ has five songs to release 17th of September. The first video can be seen in Youtube from 15th of September and the others always a week after the earlier is  published.

All the stories of these songs and who have done them will be available on this website but also follow Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok!