I’ll Never Let You Go, we are letting go!

It has taken decades for this rockin’ country song to appear on a record. Erkki Vuokila wrote it in the beginning of the 80’s. He has carried it with him and waited for the right time. He made a demo of the song with Peter Engberg, Noora Kuusikko and Tomi Tajakka of Steve’n’Seagulls about ten years ago. When HiSQ was doing new demos they remembered it and when it sounded great they decided to introduce it to the whole band. After being in the studio they sent it to Bablo. Bablo remembered his true friend Norman Bergen, a legend who had written for instance ”Only A Fool Breaks His Own Heart” which also Bablo has sung in Finnish, ”Muisto vain jää”. The song was one of Erkki’s all time favorites so he was very eager to work with Norman. Norman asked his wife to sing this duet and that’s how many dreams came through. HiSQ is releasing its first duet with this charming couple.

”I’ll Never Let You Go” is an uptempo song and it might sound lovely and happy but the situation of the male singer is actually very oppressive. Of course it can also be taken less seriously. The HiSQ band wanted the song to sound both modern and traditional with slap-bass and everything and luckily they also got Norman to play the piano solo. Accompanied with Terri’s female voice HiSQ feel this suits to the style where Hazlewood/Sinatra and Johnny Cash with June Carter Cash are very well known.